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Working with Venture Capitalists – the basics you need to know

Securing investment from a VC isn’t just about a simple transfer of funds. Securing funding and putting together a team of employees and investors that work well together is a crucial first step for any growing business. Finding the right investors can

Are you an ageing partner in practice and your share of the business is your pension?

A consideration facing firms of all sizes today is that of succession – how to fund retirement of the sole practitioner or of the older partners. Succession Lack of succession planning within the world of accounting practices means

Is Merging an Accounting Practice a Good Idea?

Mergers in the accounting practice world are a good option in the current increasingly regulated environment , a realistic option for practitioners seeking holiday cover or seeking to retire,

Selling Your Accounting Practice: Avoiding the Pitfalls!

Lack of succession planning within the accounting practice world means that many practitioners of a certain age have few options but to sell their practices and like everything in business timing is everything.